How do you celebrate with a troubled heart? That's what Mike Miller wondered as he left AmericanAirlines Arena in his rear-view mirror Tuesday night, left the media peppering him with how'd-you-do-it questions for once, left people congratulating him in the hallway, left the party outside the arena, left the idea that finally he contributed to the Heat in a manner he expected to all season. And he entered his real world. "Have you ever left a big game before to visit someone in the the hospital before?" he was asked Wednesday afternoon. "Not like this,'' he said. "Not for my daughter." His daughter, Jaelyn, is a week old. She remains in a Broward hospital's intensive care unit. She has a complication that might require surgery. So in the half hour it took to drive to the hospital, Miller changed from being called a hero of Game 4 and the kind of spark this Heat team needs off the bench into something far more pedestrian. Dad to Jaelyn. Husband to Jennifer. He drove straight to the hospital and sat there keeping watch, helping in small ways, until 4 a.m. Those are the kind of hours he's kept of late.