Christmas will be spent in Los Angeles playing the Lakers at Staples Center. Thanksgiving will be spent in Toronto the day before a game there against the Raptors although it won't be Thanksgiving in Canada. No the Miami Heat did not exactly receive a championship schedule Tuesday when the league's 2013-14 regular-season calendar was released by the NBA. Over the past 10 seasons the defending champion had played on the road on Christmas three times. The Heat in fact not only will have to leave for Los Angeles on Christmas Eve but will not return to South Florida until New Year's Eve. When it comes to Thanksgiving the Heat are in Cleveland the night before and Toronto the night after (although that could leave open the possibility of Thanksgiving at LeBron James' Akron estate). No sooner was the schedule released then Heat forward Shane Battier posted on his Twitter account "Does anybody know when the schedules come out?" Shortly thereafter he clarified "The schedule I got said that we are on the road for Xmas and Turkey Day. I think I received a bad copy." This is the 10th time the Heat have played on Christmas and the ninth time in the past 10 years (2008 was the exception when the team was coming off a 15-67 season). It is the seventh time the Heat will be on the road on Christmas and the fifth time in the last six years (the lone exception last year against the Oklahoma City Thunder).