This neither resembled what it looked like during year's NBA Finals nor what it could look like again this June. The San Antonio Spurs were without Kawhi Leonard, Danny Green, Tiago Splitter; the Miami Heat were playing Dwyane Wade off the bench and working Greg Oden into the rotation. "Did that feel like the Finals?" Heat coach Erik Spoelstra mused when it was over. "No, that did not feel like the Finals." And yet Sunday's 113-101 victory over the Spurs nonetheless was rewarding. "Memories came back," Heat forward LeBron James said. No, Wade does not set up as a sixth man, at least during this stage of his career. But after missing the previous four games while dealing with knee pain, the return as a reserve at least opened eyes to the possibilities. He finished with eight points, five assists and three rebounds in 24 minutes. "He came to me and we talked about," Spoelstra said. "He said he wanted to work his way into the rhythm." "It remains a work in progress," Wade said after shooting 3 of 8 for eight points in 24 minutes. "The team was in a good groove so I just wanted to work my way into a rhythm." With Wade's delayed entry, it again allowed center Chris Bosh to play as the No. 2 scoring option. He again lived up to the moment, this time with 24 points on 9-of-10 shooting, afforded the luxury of sitting out the fourth quarter, which opened with the Heat up 20. "All of that happened within the flow," Spoelstra said of Bosh's scoring. "Again, we didn't call play sets for him. It's a great luxury to have a star player with that mentality on your team." And a great luxury to almost never miss.