There were two very different versions of the Heat last season. After starting off 11-30, Miami managed to reverse its first-half record with a ridiculous 30-11 run to finish at a very respectable 41-41 mark. Whether it was a matter of needing time to jell and/or changing their identity, the Heat flipped the switch on their season. They upped their 3-point attempts and allowed players like Goran Dragic and Dion Waiters to just get out there and run. The formula worked, and they almost earned a playoff berth but ultimately fell short. The Heat entered the offseason feeling great about a roster that once had more questions than answers. Miami decided it was time to double down on what worked, and re-signed Waiters and James Johnson — two key cogs in the team's second-half surge — to long-term deals. Miami also tried signing Gordon Hayward, but once he chose Boston it had to pivot and added Kelly Olynyk instead. So after coming off a Jekyll and Hyde season, which version of the Heat is real, and what can we expect from this intriguing team entering 2017-18?