You could see the pressure etched on the stone faces of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade late Sunday night as they sat together on a podium in San Antonio. The defending NBA champion Miami Dream Team is now 48 minutes away from having its three-year legacy viewed in a whole new light — as a dud. “Everybody knows if this team loses this year, the ‘LeBron Trio’ is a colossal failure,’’ South Florida radio host Sid Rosenberg told The Post yesterday after fielding an array of ticked-off Heat callers. “With the new CBA, this group has a short shelf life and one championship is a huge underachievement. It was LeBron who promised four, five, six or seven [titles]. There are no consolation prizes for this group.’’ Two years ago, the Heat flew back to South Beach from Texas under the strain of a 3-2 Finals deficit. On Sunday night, the Heat flew back to South Beach from Texas under the strain of an identical 3-2 Finals deficit. It ended in a nightmare two years ago, with Jason Kidd, Tyson Chandler and their Mavericks sipping champagne at AmericanAirlines Arena. This time, there’ll be no excuses for the Heat if the Spurs spill the bubbly tonight after Game 6. There are no chemistry issues with James, Wade and Chris Bosh learning to play with each other. There’s no more thin bench that hurt the original Miami Dream Team of 2010-11. No more excuses for a club that won 27 straight games with wonderful ball movement and a perfect pace. No more excuses could mean no more superteam after next season, when the entire trio has opt-out clauses. “We’re going to see if we’re a better team than we were our first year together,’’ said James, who would be 1-3 in The Finals if he doesn’t prevail this week. If the Heat do not extend this to a Game 7, the star trio of James-Wade-Bosh will have proven they didn’t have a certain greatness gene to create an NBA dynasty like the Spurs had. While all the pressure is on Miami tonight, a fifth Spurs title would be a cherry on top of the San Antonio sundae.