The Miami Heat nearly blew a 20-point third-quarter lead against the Orlando Magic Wednesday night, but LeBron James' clutch layup kept Miami's franchise-best win streak intact. The Heat will try to secure its 17th consecutive victory tonight against the Philadelphia 76ers at 8. The key for Miami tonight is simply to play up to its potential. The Heat relaxed after building the 20-point lead early in the third period and allowed an inferior team back in the game. Miami defeated the Sixers Feb. 23 in a 114-90 blowout on the road during this winning streak, and the Heat executed its offense very well that night. Miami consistently found open looks then, turning up good looks for great looks. Mario Chalmers, Shane Battier and Ray Allen combined for eight 3-pointers then. When Miami moves the ball, the team's 3-point shooters get open looks and the offense runs smoothly.