It has long been the conventional wisdom around the NBA that Kawhi Leonard would opt-out of his contract with the Clippers this summer, then re-sign with them for the max (either on a short-term deal or for the full five years). He had worked too hard to get to Los Angeles and be on a contender to bolt, sources told NBC Sports (and plenty of other reporters as well).

Now other teams aren’t as sure that’s a lock, and three teams that had set themselves up to go big game hunting this offseason — Dallas, Miami, and New York — will chase him, Marc Stein said on a Spotify Green Room event on Friday (hat tip NBA Reddit).

“The Mavs will try to do everything they can to get Kawhi Leonard. The Knicks and the Heat will try as well. The situation with Kawhi is no longer a safe assumption he’s staying with the Clippers.”