It's almost as if Larry David is somehow involved here, in a Mocha Joe vs. Latte Larry scenario.

Veteran forward and venture capitalist Andre Iguodala is questioning -- with a bit of self-interest, and whimsy -- the coffee business that Miami Heat teammate Jimmy Butler has been running out of his room at Disney.

For those late to the latte scene, Butler, with French press at his side, has opened a $20-a-cup coffee business at Disney World, operating it out of his hotel room amid the NBA's restart quarantine bubble.

With a one-price-fits-all retail concept, Butler's "Big Face Coffee" menu includes Latte, Americano, Mocha, Pour Over, Espresso, Macchiato, Cappuccino, Red Eye and Café Au Lait. The pricing is basic: Small $20; Medium $20; Large $20. Also made clear on the sign for the business that is placed outside of Butler's hotel door: "Cash Only" and "No I.O.U.'s."

Iguodala, who is involved in several business ventures, including getting in on the ground floor with the Zoom video-conferencing platform, was lightheartedly asked if he needs to get a better sense of Butler's quality control.