As the NBA's trading deadline rapidly approaches, more and more teams begin to stick their feet into the water to test the temperature not only of their own players, but other teams' as well. Some of those teams will turn into buyers at the deadline, while others will turn into a rapid fire sale, sending everyone out for pennies on the dollar at times. On top of the buyers and sellers, there's a select group of teams that decide that they don't need to make any moves, believing that the cards they are currently holding, give them the best hand. In some cases, however, it's not about what gives you the best hand for that season, but also in the long-term, as is the case with the Orlando Magic. In year four of their rebuild, the Magic have finally begun to turn the corner, showing some of the potential that they have as a unit. Currently sitting just outside eighth spot in the Eastern Conference, the Magic are in a position to potentially make the playoffs for the first time since a tumultuous lockout shorted 2011-12 season. It would also be a huge improvement for the team that has posted the worst record in the entire league over the three seasons since their last trip to the playoffs. Yet, after making a minor deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers, that, for all intents and purposes seems much more like a favor, the Magic don't appear to be a team set to be either a buyer or a seller at this years deadline. Rather, they're a team that most likely will, and should, stand pat with the cards they were dealt. And for this season, that's completely okay.