Jake Peavy charges through baseball at one speed throttle wide open pedal to the metal. Always has. Wears his emotions on his double-knit sleeves during games. Howls coming off the field after big innings. Gushes about the support he gets – with the bats or with the gloves – from the “boys” behind him. The times when this full-metal jacket approach works best of course are when Peavy's body is healthy enough to keep pace with his racing mind. Which is why the Red Sox right now look to be in terrific shape with him in their rotation heading into September and why general manager Ben Cherington's trade for him on July 30 remains in contention for one of the moves of the year. In a dazzling complete-game 8-1 three-hitter against the Dodgers on Sunday night Peavy showed flashes of his old 2007 National League Cy Young form. In facing his old Chicago teammates Saturday in Fenway Park the White Sox will see a different Peavy than the one they shipped to Boston in the three-way deal with the Tigers. Not only did Peavy miss 46 days in Chicago earlier this year with a rib cage injury he still wasn't himself in the July 20 and 25 starts he made for the White Sox after coming off of the disabled list. He heard the trade rumors. He knew what was at stake. He's no dummy … just maybe at times a tick overly competitive. “I kind of rushed back from the injury” Peavy says. “Obviously the trade deadline was pressing.”