Fred Davis has entered each of the past two seasons looking to capitalize on his elite athleticism and comfort within the Washington Redskins’ offense. Go out and play like he and those familiar with his game knew he had the capability to do and accolades and a big payday would come. But each of those contract years has ended in unfortunate fashion and Davis has yet to entrench himself as one of the NFL’s top tight ends. The long-term contracts he sought each year have had to wait. Wanting to gauge his maturity level in 2012 after he was suspended for the final four games of the 2011 season for failing multiple drug tests the Redskins retained Davis under the one-year franchise player tag. This offseason wanting to gauge his health before making a long-term financial commitment Washington gave Davis another one-year contract. So he again has to prove himself — in areas he both can and can’t fully control. But Davis chooses not to fret. “I feel like things happen for reasons man and I’m not really mad about it” Davis said. “I got the one-year franchise tag and the other one is a one-year deal now so I feel like this third one is really going to be a good one. I really feel like the team that we’re going to have around us all the weapons it’s going to take a lot of pressure off me — less man coverage — and so I feel like I’m going to dominate. I really just want to help this team win.” That confidence in himself and the situation in Washington prompted Davis to re-sign with the only team he has played for despite interest from others. Cleveland made an inquiry about Davis. The Buffalo Bills sent representatives to take Davis out to dinner and woo him then hosted the tight end for a visit before offering him a one-year deal with more guaranteed money than Washington did Davis said. The New York Jets had scheduled a visit with the tight end but he canceled that visit and opted instead to return to the Redskins. “I was kind of close [to signing with Buffalo] but not really close” Davis recalled. “I like what they were doing over there. They had a good situation. They told me they were going to be getting a quarterback and needed a tight end a lot. That’s something that appealed to me but I’d rather be on a team I know where I’m at. And I like D.C. too. This is where I got drafted.” This will mark Davis’s sixth year in Washington and his fourth season in offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan’s system. With the Redskins Davis knew he would play a significant role in the offense. In 2011 his first year as the lead tight end he recorded a career-high 59 receptions and 796 yards (fifth most by a tight end in franchise history) in just 12 games. Because of his size and speed he has the ability not only to come off the line as a receiver but also to go in motion as a receiver in the slot or split out wide. With electrifying Robert Griffin III at quarterback Pro Bowl left tackle Trent Williams talented running back Alfred Morris and wide receiver Pierre Garcon leading an offense that ranked fifth in the league Davis believed he could return be reinserted into the attack and help Washington take another step forward.