Chase Headley admittedly was caught off-guard Wednesday afternoon when he was told that the Padres were preparing make him a franchise-record contract offer by mid-season. While he appreciated the idea, the timing of executive chairman Ron Fowler’s pronouncement took him aback. “I didn’t know what to say because I really didn’t know what to say,” Headley said Thursday after discussing the situation with his agent. “The last time we talked to the Padres, I made myself clear that I didn’t want to have contract discussions during the season,” said the third baseman. “I was very straight forward about that. I didn’t want to deal with it during the season . . . I didn’t want it being a topic.” So Headley admitted he was stunned when word of Fowler’s upcoming – and yet unknown -- proposal was forwarded to him. “Right now, it’s the game,” Headley. “That’s what I am concentrating on.” Headley drove in the Padres final run in the eighth inning Thursday with a full-swing, infield single that stretched his hitting streak to seven straight games (11-for-29).