The Major League Baseball Players Association is tired of seeing good MLB players sit on the free-agent market unsigned. Tony Clark, head of the MLBPA, spoke out Thursday, telling the Associated Press the slow free-agent periods have become a major “threat to our game.”

Clark’s comments may have been a response to a report suggesting MLB is still trying to implement a pitch clock for the 2019 season. Clark compared the two, arguing the slow free-agent periods have been more damaging to baseball than worrying about pace of play, according to the Associated Press

Clark’s full quote reads:

“All the dead time in the last two free-agent markets is a larger threat to our game than any supposed dead time between pitches.”

Pace of play has been a major focus of MLB commissioner Rob Manfred since he assumed that role. Manfred has cut down on mound visits, between-inning breaks, the amount of times a player can step out of the batter’s box during at-bats and a number of other measures aimed at speeding up the game.