The 2021 season is almost here and that means the coaching hot seat is starting back up with a new wave of names who will be among the next NFL coaches fired.

Change is inevitable in the National Football League as organizations set higher standards for excellence and patience wears thin. For the likes of marquee coaches like Mike McCarthy and Kliff Kingsbury to those working high-profile jobs, the clock is ticking.

With that in mind, let’s examine the head coaches who could be fired by the end of the 2021 season.


Mike McCarthy, Dallas Cowboys

Mike McCarthy fooled Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys. After being fired by the Green Bay Packers, McCarthy swore he spent a year embracing analytics, committing himself to learn about the new information available to coaches and finding ways to implement it. It caught the Cowboys’ interest, he told them he analyzed every snap then admitted it was a lie in his introductory press conference.

Even if you put that aside, this is the same coach who hired his friend Mike Nolan as defensive coordinator. Everyone knows how that worked out for Dallas. Dak Prescott is healthy and Dan Quinn is a better choice for defensive play-caller, but Dallas should fire McCarthy if it doesn’t make the playoffs this season. If that standard is set, our Cowboys’ schedule predictions spell doom for him. Plus, his replacement is already on staff.


Kliff Kingsbury, Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals are clearly entering the 2021 season with a win-now mentality, signing J.J. Watt and AJ Green reflects that. Those are great additions from a talent and leadership perspective and some improvements have been made to both sides of the ball. But all of that means the heat is turned up even higher on Kingsbury.

Kliff Kingsbury record: 13-18-3

Kingsbury deserves plenty of blame for this team’s inability to consistently finish games in the fourth quarter. It’s also the very same offense the young coach designed that collapsed in the second half of the season, costing Arizona a playoff spot. We know Watt isn’t afraid to call out his head coach and if things don’t go well in Arizona, Kingsbury could suffer the same fate as Bill O’Brien.