Josh Smith and his 3-point attempts continue to be the subject — often a sore one — of scrutiny involving the Hawks. The forward already has taken a career-high 172 3-pointers this season. With 13 games remaining in the regular season he has surpassed his previous high by 18 (154 in 2010-11). A number of those attempts have admittedly been ill-advised, including two in the fourth quarter of Friday’s loss to the Trail Blazers. When asked by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Saturday if he expected to take that many 3-pointers this season, Smith deflected. “I don’t know,” Smith said. “Ask me a different question. Ask me something that is going to stimulate my mind a little bit.” Smith has made 53 of his 172 attempts, a 30.8 percent success rate that is the third-best of his nine-year career. In October, at the start of training camp, he was adamant that the roster was full of capable long-range shooters. “You haven’t seen the roster?” Smith turned around a reporter’s question about his long-range shooting plans on a rebuilt Hawks roster. “We’ve got Kyle Korver, Devin Harris, Louis Williams, Anthony Morrow, Anthony Tolliver. Am I missing anyone? Jeff Teague. … So there we go. That answers that question. I didn’t even say my name did I? Call me mid-range shawty.”