Around and around, Brian Campbell slowly stripped tape from the left leg of his Blackhawks practice uniform. The defenseman then deposited the 16-inch-softball-sized sphere of adhesive into a nearby garbage can, all the while likely wishing he could dispose along with it the pain residing in the general vicinity it came from. Just when the veteran was playing his best hockey of the season, the kind of game-changing efforts that kicked into gear around this time last season and lasted throughout the Hawks' run to the Stanley Cup, a foot injury is hobbling him. "I felt really good right before I got injured so it has been a big setback," Campbell, 31, said. "I felt I was skating really well and was happy about my game. I'm just going to see how it feels every game and see what I can do. I would love to be doing a ton of things but I'm going to be in a little period of adjustment."