Acknowledging that the Hawks don’t currently have a “franchise guy” on their roster, general manager Travis Schlenk said today during an appearance on SiriusXM NBA Radio that the Hawks hope to find a player of that caliber in the draft (hat tip to Amico Hoops). As Schlenk explained, the draft looks like a more reliable source of impact talent for the Hawks than free agency or the trade market. “It’s hard to get those [franchise players] in trades, obviously,” Schlenk said. “We’re in a climate today in the NBA where superstar players, when they decide they want to be traded, they can really control quite a bit where they’re going to go. “Also, obviously in free agency, it’s tough to get those guys,” Schlenk continued. “Free agents want to go to a place where they can team up with someone else to try to win a championship. Unfortunately right now, that’s not where we are as an organization, so for us, the best way to get that cornerstone franchise guy is in the draft.”