A couple of former Mavericks came through town with the Hawks on Monday, and both said it would be fine with them if they ended up back in Dallas again. DeShawn Stevenson has been steadfast since he helped win the 2011 championship that the Mavericks were the organization for whom he’s best suited. “I’d love to play my last two, three seasons here,” said Stevenson, who will turn 32 on April 3. “This was the best franchise I ever played for, here and Washington. They handle things and treat people great. They do everything the right way.” Devin Harris, meanwhile, was the point guard for the 2006 team that went to the Finals and lost to Miami. “I love my situation [in Atlanta], but this summer, everything’s in play,” he said, referring to his impending free agency. “Sure, it would be great to come back here. I loved it in Dallas.” Like Harris, Stevenson is an unrestricted free agent this summer.