To the Blackhawks, it seemed odd that when the Wild were the best team in hockey last season, they chose to make a point of it before a game. To everyone in the arena. "I think they jinxed it by announcing they were the top team," Hawks winger Viktor Stalberg said Tuesday. "We were dying laughing last year, we come in the building and they introduced them as the No. 1 team in the NHL. I never heard a team do that before." There will be no such introduction unless the Xcel Energy Center P.A. guy gets a swell of Minnesota nice and offers the visitors those plaudits on Wednesday night. The Hawks are 6-0, and the Hawks have never been 6-0 before, and now the infamous "Ice Show" trip will test how far they can take the best start in franchise history. "I think you want to play the same way, home or away," coach Joel Quenneville said after practice. "Every game is going to be like a playoff game, everybody is going to be excited about playing us. We find that every game we're involved in or not, things are like a playoff game, four-point games, a lot of swings in the standings. It's early in the season, but it's really not. We'll value each and every game."