It turns out America’s Team, isn’t quite America’s Team after all. While there are millions of Dallas Cowboys fans all across the world, there are also many haters of one of the most popular teams in football.

Two of the organization’s better-known players, Rookie of the Year Micah Parsons and star wide receiver CeeDee Lamb weren’t quite aware of just how much hate they would catch, simply for being members of a specific team as opposed to another.

But, like any form of success, there are always skeptics, haters, and people who just love to see you fail. For the Cowboys, many of these themes ring true. It doesn’t matter if they win a lot or lose a lot, people hate the Cowboys, and they always will.

But of course, as we mentioned, they have plenty of support too. It’s not all hate for the one they call America’s Team, there’s a reason they remain so popular.

While it’s true the club’s recent struggles have pointed to more funny meme-worthy moments than reasons to celebrate, there are plenty of examples why Cowboy fans have a right to be optimistic about their franchise’s future.

Two of those factors have to do with Parsons and Lamb, two of the team’s young, bright stars.