Just before ducking under a doorway and into NBA offseason oblivion, Hasheem Thabeet, all smiles as usual, thanked the media and wished writers and broadcasters a good summer. “I don’t get to talk very often,” the Thunder’s jovial 7-foot-3 center joked at the conclusion of his exit interview. Nothing sums up Thabeet’s season better than that scene. He was happy. He was positive. He was professional. Thabeet’s lack of playing time this season, a result of an unforeseen rookie stepping onto the team and stealing his minutes, never modified his mindset or altered his approach. Despite difficult circumstances, Thabeet stayed ready all year and delivered when called upon. In doing so, Thabeet established himself as a trustworthy veteran who can contribute in a pinch. “I just can’t stop working because you never know what’s going to happen in this league,” Thabeet explained. “I kept working. I kept believing...When the time came, I was able to go and produce.” The question is whether Thabeet’s production will be enough to keep him in Oklahoma City for a third consecutive season.