The Denver Post’s Nick Kosmider on Friday answered questions from readers about the Denver Broncos in a Lunch Special live chat. Here are the highlights: In your opinion, is it good or bad for the Broncos to be winning these games and hurting their draft position? Nick: Winning is a habit. The Broncos nearly forgot what it was like during their two-month losing streak. I believe you can build for the future by playing good football now. It gives you the opportunity to see who you can count on, whether schematic changes can help you and whether your first-year coach can continue to inspire and motivate his team. There are no guarantees in the draft. Being No. 6 instead of No. 9 is no sure-fire method of success. Most of all the players want to keep winning. That’s what it comes down to. Any chance Brock Osweiler could be the guy next year? I know it was only the Colts last night, but he looked pretty good. Nick: The guy as in the starter for this team in 2018? I don’t see that. I think the Broncos will be aggressive in pursuing an upgrade at the quarterback position. Not to take anything away from Osweiler, but that was his first victory this season. Also, the Colts rank 30th in the NFL in total defense. I think what you definitely could have in Osweiler is a sound backup quarterback. Players on the team are confident he’ll always stay ready. That’s a good quality for a backup in this league. But I don’t see him being in the mix to be this team’s starter next season. You do have to give it to Osweiler for that performance last night. I’ve never seen him throw the ball that accurately so deep down the field. My favorite quote in the locker room last night came from tight end Jeff Heuerman, who caught a 54-yard TD pass from Brock last night, the longest play of the season for Denver. “It was an unbelievable ball,” Heuerman said. “I could have caught it with my teeth.”