Russell Westbrook has been a Los Angeles Clipper for less than a week, and if we count the Utah Jazz, this is his sixth team in five seasons.

After Friday's 176-175 loss to the Sacramento Kings (the second-highest-scoring game in league history), he's only made one appearance for L.A.'s "little brother" franchise.

But that was plenty of time to generate some takes on this experiment for the Clippers and their newfound Wayward Son.

And those takes cover the gamut. In one 58-minute (thanks to two overtimes), 351-point game, we saw plenty of good, bad and otherwise from Russ, whom the Lakers traded to the Jazz and was then subsequently bought out and signed by a contender.

All this month.

The transactional chaos seems oddly appropriate for this version of Westbrook. Friday, he had a double-double (17 points and 14 assists, which is tied for the most ever in a Clippers debut), seven turnovers and multiple missed layups. He didn't hit a three till the first overtime. He fouled out in the second one.

And despite the Clippers losing, Russ was plus-3.

Throughout his 39 minutes, Westbrook was almost overly deferential. He started the game in place of Terance Mann (who'd held down the role for weeks) and was constantly moving the ball in halfcourt situations.