Matt Harvey is careful not to outline a definitive timetable. But the ace still adamantly wants to return to the majors in August, while understanding that is the doctors and front office's ultimate call. Harvey noted Tuesday that pitchers generally first get on a mound seven to eight months after Tommy John surgery, after long-tossing on flat ground at 120 feet. So, in Harvey’s case, that could be June, given his procedure occurred Oct. 22. Harvey, who has been tossing a baseball on flat ground at 60 feet since the four-month anniversary of surgery, indicated he should advance to 75 feet later in the week. “Everything feels great,” Harvey said. “I’m getting sick of staying at 60. So a little change will be nice. But the process is going well and I’m excited for the next step.” When the Mets break camp in nine days to depart for Montreal and exhibition games against the Toronto Blue Jays on the eve of the season, Harvey hopes to accompany the big-league squad rather than stay behind in Florida. Sandy Alderson has made it clear he would like Harvey to spend the bulk of his rehab at the Mets’ complex in Port St. Lucie. Harvey has made it clear he would like to spend the bulk of his rehab with the major-league team, traveling with them to road games as well. A compromise may be that Harvey sets up base in New York and heads to Florida when he is ready for rehab games. According to the collective bargaining agreement, Harvey cannot be compelled to rehab at the Mets’ spring-training facility for more than 20 days without his written consent, so he ultimately will get his way. “After talking with my agent and the Players’ Association and going over the CBA rules, as a player you have rights,” Harvey said. “I want to do what’s best for the organization and best for the rehab process. For me, I’ve made it clear where I stand. I think everybody knows I want to be with the team and be with the guys. New York is my home. I love being there. I love showing up to the ballpark every day. If I have that opportunity, then that’s where I’d like to be.