Josh Harrison on Sunday echoed the sentiments of the statement he released after the Pirates traded Andrew McCutchen: If you’re not trying to win, trade me too. “My main goal is to make sure wherever I am, that they understand that I want to win,” Harrison said after reporting to Pirate City. “If that’s not the main focus, I want to go elsewhere.” The longest-tenured Pirate also agreed with David Freese, who on Friday voiced multiple concerns about the clubhouse, coaching staff and team direction. “I don’t care how we do it, but things need to be done,” Harrison said. “As Freese said the other day, it’s got to be urgent and not just from a couple guys, a couple people in the office. It has to be top to bottom. You talk about Freese, he’s a World Series MVP. The guy’s been there. He knows what it takes to win. I think it will go without saying that he and I, even some of the comments he mentioned, had been conversations we’ve had during the season. It’s been brought to light.” Harrison said he spoke with general manager Neal Huntington and explained his position.