So many guys come to The Bronx and quickly show they don’t belong. Some guys don’t love it, others can’t handle it.

Joey Gallo, analytics darling, came to the Yankees for a slew of prospects. The numbers guys would tell you back then he’s one of the game’s best players. In Texas maybe. He didn’t get New York.

Andrew Benintendi, beloved in the Yankees clubhouse, played well enough to be invited back with a nice offer. However, the Cincinnati product preferred to get back to the Midwest and wound up signing with the White Sox instead.

But Harrison Bader, now here’s a guy born to play in The Bronx. He grew up in Bronxville, eight miles to the north. Bader has New York City swagger. He’s about the only guy who appears confident in a walking boot.

Bader belongs in pinstripes. The deadline trade that sent solid starter Jordan Montgomery to St. Louis for Bader shocked us all. That includes Bader, who was recuperating in his folks’ house in Westchester when he heard the news.