Vinny Lecavalier pulled on the sweater – this really was a sweater, not just hockey-talk for a jersey – of his boyhood team. He'd always dreamt of playing for his hometown Montreal Canadiens, thanks in part to hearing his grandfather tell stories about Jean Béliveau, the Hall of Fame center who died Tuesday at age 83. It happened. Lecavalier played for the Habs. It was Hollywood, but it happened. Go call up the credits for the 2005 flick "The Rocket." Roy Dupuis starred as Maurice Richard, in the movie about another Hall of Fame Canadien. There, as the 18th lead, is Vincent Lecavalier playing the role of Jean Béliveau, he of 507 goals and 10 Stanley Cups in 1,125 games. "Just to put on that Montreal Canadiens jersey, you know, the old wool jersey that they wore in the '50s, '60s, with the Canadiens sign and the No. 4, it was a great experience, and you got to see yourself on TV," said Lecavalier, who always wore the same number to honor Béliveau. "I wasn't the main actor in the movie, but just to play the few scenes I did, it was great. It was a lot of fun." Béliveau, who was admired just as much for the man he was off the ice as he was the player on it, always caught Lecavalier's attention. When he was a young boy at a tournament for his older brother, Lecavalier got to meet Béliveau and have his photo taken with the legend. "I was very young," said Lecavalier, who was a toddler in the photograph. "I don't remember the moment exactly. That picture is in my house back in Montreal, signed by him, so it was a great honor to meet him. Obviously when I made it to the NHL I met him a few times after that. Just a nice person who has a lot of respect for everybody." One of the things that stood out about Béliveau was that he only ever played for one team. For a long time, it looked like Lecavalier would be the same way.