Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper hasn't played since May 26 because of bursitis in his left knee -- the result of his running into the Dodger Stadium outfield wall in the middle of last month. Harper has been on the DL for some time, but now a minor-league rehab assignment is within sight. When, exactly, that stint will begin is left to question, however. "It just depends how I feel today and tomorrow," Harper said before Saturday's game against the Rockies (AP). "Monday is an off day, which is good. Tuesday, that's kind of early. I'm thinking Wednesday or Thursday, maybe." As for Harper's manager, Davey Johnson, he seemed to object to the idea that Harper has much of a say in the matter. "I'll have a conversation with him about that," Johnson said after being told of Harper's comments. "When a player starts playing, it's really up to me, what I think they need. Not up to the player. I'm always trying to do what's best for the player.