The Houston Rockets have been trying to replicate the model of the three-star super team for a couple of seasons now. For years Daryl Morey fielded a competitive team that was in search of multiple superstars to lead his team. He acquired James Harden in a trade a couple of years ago, and followed that up with signing Dwight Howard last summer. He was in pursuit of a third star this summer but it never came to fruition. What did come about was the perception that Morey doesn't treat players like players and treats them more like commodities. It's led to this perception that if you're not a star then you're not very important to Morey. Whether that's fair or not, it has been the talk surrounding the team since they decided not to match Chandler Parsons' offer sheet with the Mavericks and he took it a bit personally. The Philippine Star has quotes from Harden in which he says he and Dwight are the cornerstones and the rest of the players are "role players." This isn't going to help with that perception about the organization.