His father sees Tim Hardaway Jr. as a future All-Star. As such, Tim Hardaway Sr., the former Heat All-Star point guard and now a Pistons assistant, said he was “upset” at the vicious reaction last July after the Knicks inked his son to a four-year, $71 million deal. While Hardaway Jr. is rehabbing from a stress injury to his lower left leg, he has proven his worth as a secondary scoring option to Kristaps Porzingis and two-way force. Hardaway Sr. was taken aback by the fan and media outcry. “I’m looking at it as you’re not giving him a chance,” Hardaway Sr. told The Post on Friday before the Knicks’ 104-101 loss in Detroit. “You’re writing him off right then and there. Most people hadn’t looked at him, what he did with Atlanta, how much he got better and what he got better at.” The elder Hardaway felt the media wasn’t giving the Knicks brass enough credit for their research. After all, the Knicks scouts were doing cartwheels when they drafted him in the first round in 2013 before Phil Jackson came in and took a disliking to the former Michigan star. “The Knicks looked at everything,’’ Hardaway Sr. said. “They looked at film from all 82 games before they knew what they wanted to do with Tim. They looked at his playoffs [in Atlanta]. The fans, the media wrote him off before he even went out and played. That’s what I was upset about. You don’t give him a chance to go out there and do what he’s supposed to do. Give him a chance and then go from there. “Just don’t shoot him down because you’re looking at the money. Because that’s all you’re looking at. You’re not looking at his game and how he got better. You’re looking at his money and you don’t have to because everyone is getting paid [well] in this business. And Tim worked his tail off to get paid.”