A payroll in excess of $125 million has given White Sox general manager Ken Williams plenty of sleepless nights. "Hell no, I'm not comfortable with the payroll right now, we're out on a limb," Williams said Tuesday. "But that's our choice. We made the choice in an effort to give our fans hope and give ourselves a chance to compete for a championship. "If things don't fall our way, if we don't get the support, we'll lose money. We're going to lose money but we've gone into this knowing how long can you do that, how much can you absorb? Well I don't have the answers to those questions just yet, but we made this decision. But it's a risky proposition.'' The Sox's rotation is aligned so that Mark Buehrle will pitch the April 1 opener in Cleveland, but Buehrle says John Danks should get the nod. "If they come to me, obviously, what am I going to do?" Buehrle said. "Tell them 'no?' If they give me the option or toss it between (me) and Danks, go ahead and hand it to him. The last couple of years he has been better than me. It has to change here before long."