Dodgers shortstop Hanley Ramirez made the most of his worst-case scenario, coming back from a gut-wrenching injury weeks ahead of schedule, at the same time Clayton Kershaw needed some time away from the ballpark. Ramirez was activated from the disabled list Monday, five weeks and three days after having surgery to repair a torn ligament in his right thumb. The Dodgers made room for Ramirez on the active roster by placing Kershaw on the bereavement list. Kershaw left immediately after pitching eight shutout innings Sunday without taking questions from reporters. A team spokesperson said that Kershaw was attending to "a personal matter." He's expected to address the situation when he returns to the team. MLB rules specify that the list is only for players who are dealing with a death or serious illness in their immediate family, or a spouse's immediate family. By rule Kershaw must remain on the bereavement list for a minimum of three games and no longer than seven games. That means he'll be eligible to make his next scheduled start Friday against the San Francisco Giants. "As of right now we do" expect Kershaw to start Friday, Dodgers manager Don Mattingly said. "We'll see where he goes." Mattingly said Matt Magill might start Friday if Kershaw doesn't. Ramirez was expected miss eight weeks after surgery to repair the ligament he tore in his right thumb in the championship game of the World Baseball Classic. But an aggressive rehab schedule moved up his timetable, and Ramirez figured to be activated at some point during the Dodgers' three-game series against the Rockies when he showed up at Dodger Stadium on Monday.