No need to mince any words: The Red Sox clubhouse is a sinkhole. It should come as no surprise, then, that the team’s official announcement of Alex Cora as manager of this splintered, disaffected bunch was accompanied by a statement from principal owner John Henry that spoke to clubhouse issues. “In Alex we have found a natural leader to guide our clubhouse,” said Henry in the statement, which was released just as tailgaters in the Gillette Stadium parking lots were firing up the grills and getting ready for Pats-Falcons on Sunday Night Football. Wow. In just 12 words Henry was able to say what president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski couldn’t/wouldn’t say when he Ambiened all New England during the press conference to address the dismissal of manager John Farrell. “In Alex we have found a natural leader to guide our clubhouse.” What Henry is really saying is that the Red Sox had been lacking a leader, natural or otherwise, to guide their clubhouse. Even casual observers of the 2017 season could see that the Sox were a sad, grumpy bunch from wire to wire — despite the first-place finish in the American League East, despite the many extra-inning triumphs, despite each post-victory episode of “Dancing With the Outfield Stars,” despite the ritualistic dousing of whichever player was being interviewed by Guerin Austin on the NESN postgame show. Farrell should have been fired the day he rolled over for David Price by making that comment about how accountability is a two-way street. The reality is that there was next to no accountability emanating from the Red Sox clubhouse this season, and that’s because the former occupant of the corner office didn’t demand any, at least publicly.