With nearly a quarter of the season complete, it's time to start thinking about who has potential trade value for the Chicago Cubs. The next quarter of the year will see an increase of scouts around the Cubs as contending teams look for veteran help. We know Jeff Samardzija, Friday's starter against the Milwaukee Brewers, will be highly sought after, as it's just a matter of whether he brings back an A-plus or A-minus type prospect. Scouts say how he pitches in July will make that decision, considering his second halves the past two seasons haven't been great. They want to make sure his arm is as lively as it can be at that point in the year if teams are going to give up a top guy in their farm system. Recently, general manager Jed Hoyer indicated trade talks won't start up again until next month, so there's still time for plenty of things to change, but let's examine three other players who could be on the move.