Josh Hamilton didn't give the health of his back a ringing endorsement Friday afternoon, but he returned to the Texas Rangers' lineup after missing almost four full games. Adrian Beltre, though, remained out of the lineup with continued discomfort in his left hamstring. "Good enough," Hamilton said. "I feel like someone's elbow is digging in right next to my spine." But, after assurances that he couldn't make the injury any worse, Hamilton sent a text message to manager Ron Washington on Friday morning and said he was a player for the opener of a three-game series against Cleveland. Hamilton had to leave Sunday's game after two innings with a back spasm on the right side of his back, and he didn't play in any of the three games at Toronto. He said the muscle pulled two ribs out of alignment and never relaxed. He saw a chiropractor in Toronto and has been getting aligned three or four times a day by the Rangers' training staff. Hamilton hit and threw in Toronto, and could have pinch-hit Wednesday. "I've done whatever I've needed to do," he said.