Kentucky early enrollee Hamidou Diallo, a five-star wing who sat on the bench in the spring for the Wildcats and did not play, has yet to make a decision about his future. He could remain in the NBA Draft (a decision he has until Wednesday to make before permanently burning up his college eligibility), or he could return to Kentucky and work to improve his draft stock for a potentially weaker 2018 NBA Draft. According to the, Diallo is split "50-50" on whether to return to Kentucky or remain in the draft. Here's context on his looming decision from Kentucky beat writer Kyle Tucker: Hamidou Diallo will take his big decision down to the buzzer. The Kentucky freshman has until midnight Wednesday to pull out of the 2017 NBA draft and return to school, and a source close to the program believes Diallo is truly torn, "50/50," about the decision. Diallo is an athletic freak who piqued the interest of scouts at the the NBA Draft Combine.