Ever since Curt Schllling was fired by ESPN back in April, he’s been keeping busy making political posts on his Facebook and Twitter accounts, appearing on Boston’s WEEI Radio and talking on various conservative talk shows. He also did a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) chat taking questions on various subjects including his time at ESPN, his future in media and anything else that came to mind from Reddit users. In regards where he’ll work next, Schilling revealed that his next job will likely be on SiriusXM hosting a talk show for its conservative Patriot channel. And of course, a question came up regarding his former employer, ESPN. And of course, Schilling went back to his regular line that the network is left-leaning: “It’s a liberal mindset. They think if they don’t acknowledge the accusations then they aren’t true. Up top it’s the most exclusive fraudulent bunch of phonies ever.” When asked about the time when ESPN edited his role out of the re-airing of the 30 for 30 documentary “Four Days in October” shortly after he was let go, Schilling didn’t hold back