Dan Hamhuis doesn't like the spotlight, which is great except for the Vancouver Canuck part. Probably he doesn't like rain, lattes or bike lanes, either, but here he is playing for a Stanley Cup in his home province. In Nashville, the defenceman played behind Shea Weber and Ryan Suter. In Vancouver, he gets less attention than Christian Ehrhoff, Alex Edler and Hamhuis' suddenly-high-scoring defence partner Kevin Bieksa – someone clearly comfortable in the spotlight since he was voted one of the 10 most beautiful people in British Columbia. To his great relief, Hamhuis failed to make that list. Sunday, when he attended his wife Sarah's running race on the North Shore, Hamhuis tried to hide behind his shaggy National Hockey League playoff beard, sunglasses and a hat. He must have looked like Forrest Gump. And still the disguise did not work. "There were a lot of people," Hamhuis explained Monday of the race's finish area in Deep Cove. "I tried to wear a hat and sunglasses. But a lot of people came up and wished me the best of luck. I enjoy a lot of minutes and I enjoy a big role on the team, but then again, I don't really enjoy the spotlight. I don't know if that's possible to get the best of both." Uh, no. Not this spring. The Canucks are too famous and Hamhuis too good. And did we mention Vancouver could get its first Stanley Cup since 1915 – decades before the defenceman's grandparents moved to Smithers from Holland? Hamhuis is so-not-spotlight oriented that when summer comes, he flaunts his fame and wealth by retiring to the lakefront house he and Sarah built outside Smithers, halfway between Prince George and Prince Rupert. When Dan signed his $27-million, six-year contract to join the Canucks as a free agent last Canada Day, he splurged by upgrading the family's tent-trailer for an actual hard-top camper trailer.