Nights like these are starting to become familiar for Roy Halladay. Not familiar in regarding the Roy of old, the Roy who won two Cy Youngs and had the command of an army sniper. No, this Roy is different. This one can barely make it out of five innings, with pitch counts creeping toward triple digits about four innings earlier than usual. He can’t seem to locate any one of his pitches on a consistent basis. His mistakes are sent flying out of the yard. All this happened Monday night. In his second start of the season, Halladay only lasted 42/3innings more than he lasted in his 2013 debut last Wednesday. He allowed six hits and seven runs, while walking three and striking out three in the 2-5 Phillies’ 7-2 home loss to the Mets (5-2) Monday. “Some days you’re a horse, some days you’re a horse’s (butt),” Halladay said. “I’ve been a horse’s (butt) for a little while.” His performance was typical of his year thus far, both in-season and during spring training. Little control on his cutter. Decent breaking ball. His fastball was 88 to 91 miles per hour, but didn’t have much life on it. “I’m concerned,” Phillies manager Charlie Manuel said. “He says he’s healthy, our doctors say he’s healthy and I think he’ll get better. I’m hoping he’ll get better, of course. I think his location, like we talked about, that was his problem tonight.” Not too many pitches found the right spot Monday. One poorly placed ball found the sweet spot of John Buck’s bat in the second inning, landing deep in the right field stands for a three-run homer to open the scoring. That came after a Marlon Byrd doubled and Lucas Duda was hit by a pitch.