Taylor Hall can understand fans’ frustration. Things were bad in Edmonton long before he showed up on the scene as the first piece of the rebuilding puzzle. But even Hall admits getting booed off the ice after the second period in the second home game of the season Monday seemed harsh. Good thing the Edmonton Oilers came back to beat the New Jersey Devils 5-4 in a shootout to keep the town from falling into full-fledged crisis mode. Perhaps everyone needs to chill out a little bit. “I would have to agree with that statement” smiled Hall. “I know that our fans can get restless. They’re almost too knowledgeable about the game. If you go down to Phoenix they just love to watch hits and see nice goals being scored. “Our fans appreciate a nice chip to a supporting winger but they also know that our team has not done as well as they have in the past. At the same time if they don’t think we hear the boos the heckling we do and you just have to drown it out as much as we can. But it can definitely be tough some times.” Fans had reason to be discouraged by the Oilers performance against the Devils falling behind 3-0 and managing just 11 shots through two periods. But that same disgruntled crowd nearly blew the roof off the building when the Oilers started their comeback. Hall went on to score the team’s fourth goal in the game which for a time appeared as though it would be the game-winner. “It’s crazy that you can go from getting booed by your own fans to having them be on your side” Hall said. “It’s a little strange but that’s just one of the things that we had to battle through. We just stuck to our game plan. There are so many things going on in a hockey game that ultimately you want to focus on what you’re doing on the ice as a team. “We were fine with what we were doing we were just looking to get a couple more pucks to the net and that’s what we did in the third period. We got a couple of bounces. Sometimes it comes down to a skills competition in the end and we were able to win that.” The victory was much-needed for the team and the city who have seen this act before. Too often in the past couple of seasons the Oilers have teased their fans into believing the corner had been rounded and their lengthy playoff drought was near an end. “I’ve said this before: sometimes all it takes is one shift one period anything like that to get your game going your season going that’s all we needed” Hall said. “It certainly would have been nice to win that first game at home that would have turned the tide a huge bunch. We have another game against Montreal that’s going to be a rocking atmosphere. If we can get the first goal in that game then they’ll be on our side. “It doesn’t take much for them to get cheering for us but at the same time one bad play or one bad power play and they can jump on you. That’s stuff that we have to put behind us and just worry about what we’re doing in here.”