Barring a stunning legal victory for Alex Rodriguez, the Yankees have a year to determine what they want to do with him. Here at the owners’ meetings, Hal Steinbrenner refused to rule out A-Rod putting on the pinstripes again in 2015 and beyond, calling his disgraced slugger “an asset” to the team. “He’s a great player,” Steinbrenner said in the Yankees’ managing general partner’s first public comments since independent arbitrator Fredric Horowitz reduced Rodriguez’s suspension from 211 games to 162 games. “I have not thought about 2015, nor am I going to right now. My focus has to be right now. But when he’s on and when he’s healthy, he’s obviously an asset. We’ll see what happens.” When asked how much he would consider the extensive bad blood that has developed between the Yankees and A-Rod — the third baseman has publicly waged warfare with team president Randy Levine and is suing team physician Christopher Ahmad — Steinbrenner said, “Those of you that know me, I’m pretty objective in my thinking. This is business. I’m just focusing on the team, a player. Is the player an asset to the club or not? That’s about as far as I look. I don’t get personal.”