Chicago Cubs outfielder Scott Hairston knows all too well what Milwaukee Brewers general manager Doug Melvin is going through. Melvin was bitten by a scorpion Wednesday night sending him to the hospital for three hours. Hairston was stung by one back in 2010. "It was early, before taking the kids to school," Hairston said Thursday morning before the Cubs played the White Sox. "I stepped outside in my sandals and it felt like I was stepping on glass. It actually got me twice. I started hopping around. I called my wife over and she took care of it." His wife killed the scorpion with a shoe but not before it bit Hairston twice on his big left toe. It wanted more. "It was chasing after me," Hairston said. "Trying to get my other foot." Hairston didn't go to the hospital instead he tried to figure out what to do on his own. "I sat down on couch," he said. "Iced it and went on the computer and did some research. Some say ice it, some say don't ice it." Hairston took some Tylenol and made sure he took it easy for a while. "Faster the heart rate, faster the venom goes through your body," he learned online.