Rick Hahn assured reporters on Friday that Robin Ventura would return as the White Sox manager in 2014. But the club’s general manager wasn’t as definitive in a 25-minute press conference when he was asked about future plans for Ventura’s coaching staff. With three games left in the franchise’s worst season in 37 years Hahn said he wouldn’t address what happens with the coaches until after Sunday. With an offense on pace to produce its fewest runs in 33 season base-running mistakes galore and a defense that has committed 121 errors and is last in the majors in fielding percentage Hahn has left the door open for possible changes to Ventura’s staff. “I don't think it’s fair for anyone in uniform for me to single out individual coaches or individual players at this time while we’re still playing and say ‘This guy fits going forward’ or ‘That guy doesn’t fit going forward or’ ‘We’re looking to trade this guy’ ” Hahn said. “I would never do that. I don't think that's professional.”