When the Canadiens started the NHL season, only four of their players didn’t wear a visor. That number shrank to three after Travis Moen suffered a fractured orbital bone when he got hit in the face by a puck during a game against the San Jose Sharks on Oct. 26. When he returned to action on Nov. 7 in Ottawa after missing five games, Moen was forced to don a visor for at least four to six weeks because of the injury. He’s still wearing it, trying to get used to it. And he’s taken two shots in the visor while wearing the face shield. “I was going to take it off and then I took one in the visor,” Moen said last week. “And then that kind of delayed my taking it off. “Then I got hit with another one. And then now I’m kind of just waiting,” he said with a laugh. Moen isn’t 100-per-cent sure, but said he’s leaning toward keeping it on for the year. “I think it’s not like it’s changed my game at all,” he said. “So that’s kind of your initial instinct, is it going to change my game? But I’ve got in a couple of fights and I don’t think it really changes anything.” Moen noted he’s had three close calls in his career with two pucks and a skate near an eye. “Your eyes are very valuable,” he said. “You only get two in your life, so I’m going to try and wear it and hopefully I can stick with it and get used to it.” Moen suffered a particularly scary injury in March 2010 when Senators forward Matt Cullen’s skate accidentally hit his forehead when they collided and cut through Moen’s left eyelid. He needed about 50 stitches.