Gregory Campbell is a warrior. The definition of what it means to be a hockey player. He showed all that and more in last night’s second period. During a Penguins power play, Campbell didn’t hesitate when Evgeni Malkin wound up for a slap shot. The center dove to the ice, blocking the shot off his right leg at 12:07. It was immediately clear that was something was very wrong with the 29-year-old. Campbell struggled to stand. At first, he got on one knee and then with all his strength got to his feet. At this point Pittsburgh still had the puck and more than 45 seconds left on their power play. Campbell didn’t give up or head to the bench. Instead he fought to break up each pass that went his way. He attempted to block more shots that were near. It was around the 13:00 mark, when the penalty was killed and Campbell finally headed off the ice. As he skated on one leg to the bench, the crowd at TD Garden chanted his name in unison. “It was incredible to see. Very inspiring,” Brad Marchand said after the Bruins’ 2-1 double overtime win over the Penguins. “It just made us want to dig down that much more to win the game for him. A lot of guys would have just laid on the ice. The fact that he got up and continued playing and he only had one leg, he still tried to get in the lane to cut off and block shots, it was incredible to see. He deserved the Campbell chant that he was getting right after that shift. We were very happy that we were able to win for him.” Campbell never returned to the game and was reportedly seen leaving the Garden on crutches. There were reports that he suffered a broken leg. Claude Julien said the team will know more by today but said “it was a pretty serious injury.” Julien also noted that he wasn’t surprised because that’s the kind of player he is.