The Patriots were feeling pretty good about themselves following Sunday’s epic win in Pittsburgh. Stealing back the AFC’s No. 1 seed from the Steelers was huge. But the perk they gained, getting in position to earn home field throughout the playoffs, could well go out the window with a stinker today against Buffalo. Losing to the Bills would undo everything they accomplished with last week’s stunning 27-24 win at Heinz Field. Barring a Steelers loss to the Texans or Browns, and a Jaguars loss to the 49ers or Titans, it would render that game moot. That’s why the Patriots have to flip the page and forget about what transpired in Pittsburgh. They still have plenty of work to do to lock up that top seed starting today against a hungry and desperate Bills team that’s still fighting to earn a wild card spot, and end the longest active playoff drought in North American pro sports. In that regard, Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels was certainly on message during a conference call with the media last week.