There are a handful of ways to describe what happened to Jimmy Vesey on Saturday afternoon at the Garden — disgusting, gruesome, extremely painful, cringe-worthy. Then there is this description of Vesey’s appearance, coming from coach Alain Vigneault: “Looks like a hockey player. Beautiful young man.” That was Vigneault after Monday’s practice, one day after Vesey finally had his two front teeth removed from his bottom lip. They were lodged there for all of Saturday’s third period, which he played with a full fishbowl cage on after taking the toe of a skate from Oilers forward Zack Kassian to his face early in the second. After the game, the doctors undid the stitching that had stopped the bleeding, removed the teeth, and stitched him up again. Vesey then went to the dentist Sunday and got what he called “a couple root canals.” He sat on the couch the rest of the day, then returned to practice Monday, as he awaits the swelling in his lip to subside before going back to the dentist to get caps put on the stubs left of his two front teeth. Quite a few days for the 23-year-old out of Harvard, who tweeted about it while adding the hashtag #SorryMa. A somewhat traumatic experience, but not one that will keep Vesey from playing when the Rangers bring a six-game winning streak into Chicago to face the Blackhawks on Wednesday night.