The Raiders are by far the most interesting team heading into the 2019 NFL Draft.

Having general manager Mike Mayock come out of your television and into the Raiders war room is fascinating. So is head coach/final decision maker Jon Gruden, a wild card even at his most predictable.

They could only star so much with standard issue picks, but the Raiders don’t have one pick each round. They have three in the first, and another extremely high in the second.

The volume offers great opportunity to reshape the roster and find foundation pieces for the Gruden era. It carries another benefit once this draft begins Thursday night.


“That’s what I love about it,” Mayock said. “Obviously, we could move up and you’ve got to know what you are trying to do and how you are trying to do it. You can try to increase your draft capital by moving down or you stay the same, and four of the first 35 picks gives you an opportunity to consider all those scenarios multiple times.”

As Mayock has said time and again since leaving NFL Network to take this post: the Raiders are open for business. We know Gruden’s down, something made clear by the six trades made during last year’s draft.