Tight end Rob Gronkowski will face the Bills on Sunday for the first time since his late hit to cornerback Tre'Davious White‘s head led to a suspension for the Patriots’ Week 14 loss to the Dolphins. After that first meeting, safety Jordan Poyer and other Bills said the team would keep Gronkowski’s hit in mind heading into this weekend’s rematch. On Friday, Gronkowski was asked during a media session if he’s concerned someone might take a shot at him during the game. “I’ve just been preparing all week, just like any other week,” Gronkowski said. “Preparing for a big game on Sunday with the team, with the boys and just going to be ready for a hard-fought battle. Every single time we play the Bills they’re always battling hard. They’re always mentally tough. They’re always physically tough and this will be a big game Sunday. We’ve just got to keep on preparing. We’ve got another 48 more hours to go before kickoff so just make sure I’m ready to go.”