CBS News, our non-sports newsy brothers from the same mother, did an interview with the entire Gronkowski family. Naturally, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was there. But he almost didn't stay for the whole thing, threatening to walk out when Dan Dahler tried to turn the subject towards Aaron Hernandez. You can see the clip above (and the full interview here) but it was a fairly amusing moment that quickly got kind of tense. When Dahler initially asked Gronk about Hernandez, Rob jokingly (?) said "ahhhh, next question ... I learned that from Drew Rosenhaus. From TO?" Dahler followed up asking about Hernandez again and Rob again said "next question." So Dahler turned the inquiry towards Rob's father Gordie Gronkowski. "Truthfully, I'm not going to go ..." Gordie began before Rob put his hand in the air, attempting to wave off the subject entirely. That's when Gronk stood up and started to walk off the set of the interview with the cameras rolling. Before he could get out of the room, Dahler offered to change the subject and Rob agreed to sit back down.